Digital Marketing ManagementDigital marketing management ensures the delivery of digital projects, be it a website or the implementation of a social media strategy. It is the digital project manager’s job to ensure that a project is not only delivered on time but that it meets client expectations.

Digital project managers are involved in the entire life-cycle of a project from the original brief through to final testing. They work with and coordinate the efforts of clients, strategists, developers, designers, writers and SEO specialists. It is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the client is happy and the projects team are motivated and productive and at the same time to ensure that the project is delivered according to deadlines and to spec.

With a solid team and a client who is able to list clear objectives and expectations, a digital project manager will work solidly with each key member in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Comoonicate Consulting’s team of project managers are involved in the delivery of projects both for our internal clients and for other agencies or companies looking for project management skills.