Website DevelopmentWith over 10 million South Africans online, building a website and mobi site has become a priority for every South African business.

Every business will have different goals for their site. For some a website must sell products while for others it must simply build brand awareness and tell their company’s story. Whatever you are looking for, from a fully-fledged e-commerce site to a straightforward online presence that does your brand justice, Comoonicate Consulting has the solution for you.

A successful site, no matter how big or small, should be integrated with your marketing and digital marketing strategies and closely aligned with the needs of your customers. Your site must be search engine friendly and easily found among the millions of sites clamouring for attention online.

For Comoonicate Consulting, building a successful website is a team effort. No development begins until we have spent time understanding your business and the industry you operate in as well as your marketing and digital marketing objectives. Armed with this information the site development process begins. Our team includes digital and content strategists, designers, developers, SEO strategists and writers, all managed by our experienced digital project managers.

We believe that the site development process does not end once the site has been built and taken live. In reality, the launch of a site is just the beginning of its journey. Your site needs to stay fresh and up to date and it needs to be constantly optimised for natural search. Furthermore, traffic reports need to be monitored and analysed on a monthly basis to ensure that your site is performing well and meeting your objectives. As an integral part of your digital marketing strategy your site also needs to be aligned with your social media, PPC and e-mail marketing campaigns.

Every website should be an effective business tool and not just a collection of pages on the Internet. Partner with Comoonicate Consulting, using our professional website development, and make your website work for you.