Social MediaEverybody is doing it. Your competitors, your clients and almost every business or organisation you interact with in your personal capacity has some sort of social media presence. All around you people are singing the virtues of social media and creating Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

The question is, do people really understand why social media is a critical part of every digital marketing strategy and do they know how to successfully manage their social media channels?

For every business, social media is a chance to build visibility in an increasingly cluttered online space. It is your chance to create an online community of your customers, connect and interact with them daily and listen to what they are saying about you and your products and services. Last but not least, a social media presence is an opportunity to build trust and credibility, to show your customers that you care and are there to listen and to help.

The hard and fast reality is that all of your customers actively use one or more social networks on a daily basis and if they have something to say about your brand, products or services, they are going to say it. As a business you need to manage as many of these conversations as possible, ensure that they are taking place in spaces that you control and ensure that you have the resources and procedures in place to respond to them appropriately and quickly.

But it is not that simple, nothing ever really is. In order to succeed as a business and marketing tool your social media presence needs to be carefully strategized, implemented and maintained. For example, where do you start? Do your customers use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or all three? Once you have established your Facebook page or Google+ profile, do you know how to go about driving users to it and building a thriving community? Do you understand the need for a contents strategy for your social media platform of choice? How you will handle feedback from users, the good, the bad and the terrible?

Comoonicate Consulting has answers to all of these questions and understands that for many business social media is often unchartered territory. Our team is ready to help you build and maintain a social media presence that not only builds brand visibility but gives you a chance to both communicate with and listen to your customer base. What more could any marketer ask for?